Have you been thinking about installing a composting toilet for a while now? Have you looked at lots of composting toilet articles, websites, videos and tech specs and are still wondering “should I get one?” Well, loads of your fellow Aussies are discovering the benefits of composting toilets and we’re here to tell you some of the reasons why more Australians are installing composting toilets.

Composting toilets save water

If you live in Australia you no doubt know the precious commodity that is available drinking water. Everything we can do as modern, environmentally aware Australians to reduce our use of this is going to benefit not only the earth and the environment but your back pocket as well.

By installing a composting toilet you will be saving thousands of litres of water every year not only by not using water every time you flush but also there’s no chance of leaks or plumbing issues. Think of the money you will save on your water bills – and if you’re off-the-grid it will reduce your dependence on water tanks, bore water or other fresh water sources.

Composting toilets are easy to maintain

Despite what you may think, composting toilets are very easy to maintain. Each time you use a composting toilet for a number one you don’t need to do anything (unless you have a model that requires you to press a button to open a chute or pump a handle). If you’re going for number two then all that’s needed is some humus on top when you’re done and that’s about it!

They pass the sniff test

Lot’s of people ask us “do composting toilets smell” and the answer is simple. If they’re used properly and maintained correctly – no, they do not smell.

You can use the compost on your gardens

Depending on how large your system is and how many people live in your home, every couple of months you should be getting a load of rich, black humus that your garden will love. Full of wonderfully beneficial nutrients, enzymes and other great stuff, producing ‘humanure’ as we like to call it, is a great way to turn a waste product into something that’s useful.

It can make you a better human

We know this is a pretty large claim, but let’s think about this for a moment. We have evolved on this earth to be part of our environment. Being part of nature and our environment means that we should be in sync with how we take and use from nature.

Many people are walking through life, living in concrete jungles, surrounding themselves with man-made everything and never getting back to the simple pleasures that nature can provide us.

By purchasing a composting toilet you will start to open your eyes to the other possibilities around you to live in a synchronicity with your surroundings and reduce your footprint on the world around you.

Composting toilets are great for dry areas

Composting toilets are perfect for rural areas or areas with low/no available water as they use no water in the composting process and you need little to no water to clean and maintain them.

You also won’t have the issue of septic tanks and potential issues (like damage to the tank and waste leaking into the groundwater supply) or the cost of emptying out a tank should there be issues.

Composting toilets are easily maintained and you won’t need any plumbing, so less moving parts to break down or need repair.

So there you have it – some very solid reasons to think about installing a composting toilet in your home.

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