We get a lot of people here at the Ecolet office asking us about different types of toilet paper and which types are best to use in a composting toilet. Before we get into which toilet paper is better for composting toilets, let’s explore the different types of toilet paper available on the market today.

This is pretty easy as toilet paper can pretty much be placed into three categories:-

  • Toilet paper made from trees
  • Toilet paper made from recycled paper
  • Toilet paper made from alternative materials like bamboo or sugarcane

Now we can get into various details about ply thickness, texture and durability, etc but this is essentially a personal choice and doesn’t really affect the composting process too much (although one ply will break down a little quicker than three ply for example as there’s more paper for the microbes and enzymes to break down).

Which type is best?

From the feedback we have had over the years from hundreds of our customers and our own experience we have found that recycled toilet paper is the best option when choosing toilet paper for your composting toilet.

Not only is it better for the environment as it’s been recycled (and let’s face it if you’ve got a composting toilet or are looking to purchase one, it’s likely you’re right on board with recycling!).

But we have found that it tends to break down a little quicker in the composting process. We have a hunch here in the Ecolet office that it’s because the paper has been through the recycling process, the fibres are broken down a little more than their ‘made from trees’ counterparts.

So there you have it. Next time you’re at the shops and you’re looking for some toilet paper for your composting toilet, grab a pack of recycled toilet paper and get wiping!

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