There’s a movement sweeping across Australia and it’s something big – well, they’re actually tiny but their impact is big. We’re talking of course about tiny homes.

Many Australians are realising that ‘he who dies with the most toys wins’ isn’t a premise that’s going to make them happy or fulfilled and they’re yearning for a simpler, less cluttered lifestyle.

The movement towards smaller housing or ‘compact housing’ as it’s sometimes called is not necessarily about saving money, as some tiny homes have some amazingly innovative and expensive design features in them. And whilst it’s true that many small homes offer considerable savings to today’s homeowners, it’s definitely more of a lifestyle choice than a cost benefit.

Reasons for moving to a tiny home

There’s a whole host of personal reasons why people choose to move into a tiny home – some people just want to declutter their lives, others want to reduce the amount they spend on their house and it’s upkeep (a tiny home can be very cost effective) and others want to embrace the minimalist lifestyle.

Other people are looking for a method of living that enables them to incorporate an environmentally friendly design as well as offering the best that Australian outdoor living has to offer. You see when you move into a tiny home, you will find that clutter and mess will not work – because your space is limited you find ways of getting yourself outside to enjoy nature a little more.

Energy efficiency is also another benefit of looking at a tiny house, and people that look at making efficiency gains within the framework of their lifestyle and their homes will realise the benefit of a composting toilet for a tiny house.

Reasons for using a composting toilet in a tiny home

If you’re seriously considering a tiny home or currently live in one and are looking for a composting toilet option here’s a couple of reasons to choose an Ecolet.

No plumbing

The fact that you don’t have to ‘plumb in’ a composting toilet means less cost initially as you won’t have to install tanks and storage units for your number ones and twos. The Ecolet is a simple and easy way to incorporate a sustainable and reusable bathroom solution into your tiny home.

They’re mobile

Many micro or tiny homes are built on a trailer bed or bus frame to enable the dwelling to be moved around when needed. Having a composting toilet makes sense as you don’t want to be plumbing up your home and removing all those fittings from the mains when you want to move it to another location.

They’re sustainable and have less impact on the environment

One of the more common reasons for making the move into a tiny home is that people want to be more self sufficient and have less impact on the environment. A composting toilet is the perfect way to ensure that your impact on the surrounding environment is minimal and you are reusing a valuable resource (Mark Watney would be proud).

They use no water

If you don’t live near a water source to gather water from (an artesian well, bore or natural river / stream) you will most likely have to purchase water, treat your own from a water tank or find an alternative method for getting your water requirements. One of the largest uses of water in Australia is flushing toilets. With this out of the equation, you will find your water usage will drop significantly.

So if you’re looking at building a tiny home, in the middle of a build and are looking for a composting toilet call us on 07 3889 6144 or buy online today.


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